By Annalee A

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By Annalee A

We switched to Hada family dental about 6 months ago with the referral from a friend. We are so thankful to that friend. My 7 year old daughter made the comment yesterday that she likes the new dentist better because the people that work there are so much more patient than the last dental office we were at. And she's right. The staff at Hada family dental are amazing, friendly and honest too. I unknowingly overpaid on some work that my son had had done, because of an error in a code entered by insurance. I got a phone call a couple days later telling me what had happened and that I had a credit in my account. I had never even questioned the amount I was asked to pay, so it would have been really easy for them to keep the overpayment... And the main reason I had left my last dentist, of 13 years, was because of bogus charges... Always!!! Thank you Hada family dental!