Porcelain Veneers

With traditional porcelain veneers and LUMINEERS®, you can achieve a glamorous smile in as little as two appointments. Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the surface of your teeth, concealing imperfections like chips, cracks, and stubborn discoloration. Veneers can also improve the shape and size of your teeth, covering gaps and minor misalignments. LUMINEERS® are specially designed to require little or no preparation of your tooth. Dr. Hada can help determine which is the best solution for you.

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Achieve a Glamorous Smile with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can conceal minor dental imperfections like chips and gaps while enhancing the symmetry of your smile. These thin, custom-made shells made of strong, natural-looking dental porcelain are bonded to the front surfaces of individual teeth to give your smile a beautiful new appearance. Veneers are durable and long lasting, and your new smile can be achieved in just two appointments. To learn more about porcelain veneers, contact the Mission Viejo office of Dr. Richard K. Hada today.

Candidates for Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are a great option for patients in good oral health who would like to achieve a more symmetrical and attractive smile. If you have any oral health conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease, they will need to be treated before Dr. Hada can place your veneers. Veneers are very effective for addressing:

  • Worn-down teeth
  • Chips
  • Gaps
  • Minor misalignment
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Stubborn stains and discoloration

To determine your candidacy for porcelain veneers, Dr. Hada will perform a thorough evaluation of your dental health and discuss your aesthetic goals in detail. One of the best aspects of veneers is that they can be combined with other cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening and Invisalign®, for a customized smile makeover. During your consultation, Dr. Hada can help you determine a treatment plan that will meet your goals.

Traditional and Minimal-prep Veneers

Traditional veneers require the removal of a small amount of tooth enamel so that they can achieve a natural-looking fit among surrounding teeth. Dr. Hada also offers Lumineers®. These extremely thin veneers can often achieve a natural look with little or no alteration of the tooth. The type of veneer Dr. Hada recommends will depend on your goals, the extent of your dental imperfections, and the best aesthetic fit with your natural teeth.

Placing Veneers

Placing veneers requires two visits. During your first appointment, Dr. Hada can prepare the teeth you wish to treat by removing a very small amount of enamel, if necessary. Depending on patient preference and the type of veneer, anesthesia and sedation can be used during this step. Next, Dr. Hada will make an impression of the teeth, which will be sent to a trusted offsite dental laboratory. You may be provided with temporary veneers while the dental lab creates your permanent veneers, which will be ready in two to three weeks.

During your second visit, Dr. Hada will place your veneers. After making sure the veneers will achieve a proper fit, Dr. Hada will bond them to your teeth using dental cement. Next, Dr. Hada will evaluate your bite and make any needed adjustments. Finally, you can leave our office with a beautiful new smile that you will be proud to share with everyone you meet.

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To find out more about how porcelain veneers can give you a dazzling yet natural-looking smile, schedule a consultationtoday . We offer CareCredit® and in-house financing options to place the cosmetic dental enhancement you desire comfortably within your budget.