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Couple with bright white smilesHow do you feel about your smile? Does it look shiny, bright, and white, or is it dull and yellowing? At Hada Family Dental, we meet many patients who wish their teeth were whiter. Some of these patients have sensitive teeth, which make conventional whitening treatments extremely uncomfortable. Others may have no issue with whitening treatments, but they do not want to have to repeat the treatment in a few years’ time to keep their smiles looking bright. Still others may have tried whitening treatments that were ultimately unable to remove the discoloration or stains from their teeth. Dr. Richard Hada offers our patients porcelain veneers to take care of any of these issues.

To learn more about porcelain veneers and how they can benefit you, call our Mission Viejo, CA, dental office today at (949) 951-1067 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Hada.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain veneers consist of a very thin layer of porcelain that the doctor custom designs to fit over your visible teeth. Depending on your needs, Dr. Hada may place one veneer or several at a time.

The doctor will design your veneers to match the color and shape of your natural teeth so they blend in seamlessly with your smile. Then he will send the design to a reputable offsite dental lab where technicians will use it to hand-craft your new veneers.

The doctor will bond your veneers to the front surface of your teeth. Once he has placed them, you will have a hard time telling where your natural teeth end and the veneers begin.

The porcelain the doctor uses to create your veneers has a translucence that mimics the reflective properties of the enamel on your natural teeth, creating a very lifelike, natural appearance. It will resist most stains, including those caused by wine, colas, and tobacco. Porcelain provides strength and security to your smile and, with proper care, your veneers will last 20 years or longer.

Like many doctors who once turned to dental crowns to restore discolored teeth for patients who did not want traditional whitening treatments, Dr. Hada has found that porcelain veneers offer a fantastic alternative when it comes to restoring smiles.

Like crowns, veneers hide stains and discoloration, however the doctor can also design them to fill in gaps between teeth, and correct mild misalignment. Dr. Hada can place veneers with minimal removal of the tooth’s structure and still provide you with teeth in the shape and color you desire.

Compared to some other restorations, the doctor can place veneers fairly quickly. You may experience a waiting period of about two weeks while the lab creates your veneers, but once they arrive in our office, the doctor will have them bonded quickly and with very little discomfort to you.

Placing Porcelain Veneers

Placing porcelain veneers typically requires two visits to our office over a period of a couple of weeks. You will begin the first visit by consulting with Dr. Hada. When the doctor feels that you make an acceptable candidate for veneers, he will begin the preparation of your teeth.

Most patients make good candidates for porcelain veneers, especially those with dental stains or discolorations that fail to respond to whitening treatments. Those who suffer from misshapen or misaligned teeth find that veneers provide symmetry to their smiles, while people with chipped teeth find veneers an excellent option for repairing their smiles while leaving most of the remaining tooth intact.

To prepare your teeth, the doctor will remove a minimal amount of enamel from the surface of each tooth receiving a veneer. He will take impressions of your teeth, and use them to create a wax model of your mouth. The doctor will use this model to show you a preview of what your smile will look like after he places your veneers.

When you feel comfortable with the way the veneers look on the model, the doctor will send the impression, along with his design specifications, to our offsite dental lab, where experienced technicians will begin the fabrication of your new veneers.

When the veneers arrive in our office, usually within a week or two, you will return to have them permanently placed. The doctor will place each veneer and check it for a secure fit, then check for proper occlusion and make any necessary adjustments.

Next, the doctor will clean, polish, and etch your teeth in preparation for bonding. He will apply a special dental cement to each veneer, then place each one on the correct tooth. When satisfied with the position and fit of each veneer, the doctor will use a curing light to activate and harden the cement, permanently bonding your veneers in place.

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