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Businesswoman covering mouthAre you uneasy smiling in public? Do you grin with lips closed, when people all around you are smiling and laughing? Nature didn’t give everyone the genes for a naturally gorgeous smile. Robert Downey Jr. has a sensational smile – but in 1985 when the movie Weird Science was made, he had obvious wide spaces between his front teeth. Tom Cruise’s teeth were not as bold and beautiful as they are today, back when he started acting. You see, not all fantastic smiles started out that way. Cosmetic dentistry has given celebrities unforgettable smiles.

Dr. Hada want you to know, the same cosmetic procedures available to the stars are well within your reach at our Mission Viejo office. In fact, Dr. Hada offers three different options for an instant smile transformation.

Smile in a Snap

You’ve thought about a smile makeover, but you aren’t sure whether you’re ready for a permanent change. Will you like it? Will your friends like it? If this sounds like you, we want to introduce you to SnapOn Smile. Select the style that best compliments your facial features and skin tone, then literally snap the smile into place, atop your natural teeth. SnapOn Smile will instantly transform your smile, and your image. Wear it as long as you like – indefinitely, if you prefer. But if at some point you’re ready to make your new look permanent, consider custom porcelain veneers.

Veneers. Voila!

Do you eat dessert first? Are you the kind of person who wants it, and wants it right now? If Each veneer is a custom-designed, handmade restoration made of layers of thin, semi-translucent ceramic. Durable for up to 20 years or longer, veneers permanently transform a smile. They can alter the shape, color, size, and overall look of individual teeth, and a complete smile. Oftentimes, patients who are considering teeth whitening, braces, bonding or contouring, and other cosmetic procedures may find that veneers offer a one-procedure alternative. Compared to crowns, bonding, and SnapOn Smile, veneers look unbelievably natural. You can opt for four, six, eight, or ten veneers – on your top or bottom teeth, or both. Most often, we suggest veneering the teeth that show when you smile.

Shine Like the Sun

Coffee is awesome. It wakes you up for those early-morning jogs and keeps you awake during long, boring meetings. Add chocolate and whipped cream, and you can repurpose coffee from a morning beverage to an after-dinner dessert. If you’re a fan of coffee, tea, wine, or if you like to enjoy succulent red and brown sauces on your entrees, your teeth may pay a toll. Foods and beverages with potent pigments can stain teeth, stealing your smile’s sparkle. We offer two types of instant teeth whitening, KoR and Zoom! KoR works well on the toughest stains, incorporating both an in-office and home whitening component. Zoom is completed in a single office visit, and it works well on most types of dental stains. Of course, we have a professional-grade home whitening system, as well, with treatment time of approximately two weeks.

Schedule Your Instant Smile Transformation Consultation 

The first step toward having a Hollywood smile, and ridding your image of those pesky dental imperfections, is to call and reserve a consultation with Dr. Hada. As your Mission Viejo cosmetic dentist, he will work with you to design an instant smile transformation plan that meets your unique goals. Call us today at 949-951-1067.