Gum Reshaping

A symmetrical, well-placed gum line can create a beautiful frame for your teeth, and some patients are unhappy with the appearance of their smile because of excess or uneven gum tissue. A gum line that extends too low can make teeth look small and contribute to a “gummy smile.” Dr. Hada uses a gentle diode laser to perform gum reshaping, a technique that can make a remarkable difference in your appearance. Advancements in laser therapy have made gum contouring quick and painless, minimizing bleeding and a lengthy recovery period.

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Balance Your Smile with Gum Reshaping

165450710-s Your gums are an important part of your smile. If just the right amount shows and appears smooth and symmetrical, they will frame your teeth and complement your smile. If, however, your gum line is uneven or comes down too low, it can detract from your smile and may make your teeth appear small. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to excess or uneven gum tissue, there is a simple solution. Dr. Richard K. Hada offers gum reshaping to patients in Mission Viejo, CA to achieve a noticeable improvement in their smiles. By using a diode laser to gently reshape the gum line, Dr. Hada performs this cosmetic dentistry procedure quickly and painlessly with beautiful results. To learn more about gum reshaping, schedule a consultation today.

About Laser Gum Reshaping

Before the advent of laser dentistry, patients who wanted to improve the appearance of their gum line could have it reshaped with a scalpel. Unfortunately, treatment was associated with pain, bleeding, and a significant recovery period. The diode laser that Dr. Hada uses for gum reshaping treatment is designed for contouring soft tissue while virtually eliminating bleeding and speeding recovery time.

Using a narrow, pulsed beam of light, the laser vaporizes a limited number of cells. This gives Dr. Hada very precise control throughout the contouring process. Importantly, the laser seals the lymphatic and nerve endings while it works, which decreases inflammation and increases comfort. Typically, patients report no pain at all. The tip of the laser also sterilizes itself during operation. When used by an experienced dentist, the diode laser is extremely safe. Dr. Hada is very experienced with gum reshaping, which is sometimes called crown lengthening or a gum lift.

What to Expect

Your treatment can be accomplished with only one visit to Dr. Hada’s office. He will begin by numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic to make sure you will be comfortable. Then, depending upon your needs, he will gently remove tissue along your gum line to lengthen the amount of crown that shows, or even out your gum line for a more pleasing shape. The goal is to achieve an attractive tooth-to-gum ratio that flatters your smile. After your procedure, any discomfort should be minimal. You might have some soreness or swelling for up to a week. However, it should not interfere with normal activities like eating or speaking. Try to be gentle with brushing and flossing, and take an over-the-counter pain reliever, if needed.


Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you, and it could leave a lasting impression. If you tend to hide your smile because it looks “gummy,” gum reshaping could make a big difference. Improving your confidence can allow you to smile more freely and be more engaged with those around you. If you choose to combine gum reshaping with other cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental bonding, or porcelain veneers, you can make over your smile into one that is truly memorable.

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Dr. Hada prides himself on using proven methods and a conservative approach to give each patient the excellent results and customer service they deserve. He is trained in the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques and looks forward to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Hada, contact our office today.