Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is one of the simplest cosmetic dentistry procedures, yet it can have a significant impact on the appearance of your smile. Dental bonding uses a composite resin, hardened by a special dental lamp, to correct flaws in your teeth, including chips, deep-set stains, and cracks. Like veneers, dental bonding can even change the length and shape of your teeth, and close small gaps. No anesthesia is required, and the procedure can be completed in one appointment. Dental bonding is an easy, affordable, and long-lasting aesthetic solution.

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Improve Your Smile Affordably With Dental Bonding

If you have small imperfections like chips or cracks, consider dental bonding. Like porcelain veneers and crowns, dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that can refine the appearance of your smile. The great thing about bonding is that it is comparably very conservative and cost-effective. If dental bonding is right for you, Mission Viejo dentist Dr. Richard Hada can expertly apply composite resin to make small flaws disappear. This simple technique can also be used to improve the color and shape of individual teeth. To learn how bonding can upgrade your smile, contact us today.

Candidates for Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is best suited to small alterations in areas that sustain low bite pressure (such as the front teeth). It can be especially helpful for patients who plan to have more extensive cosmetic work done at some point, but would still like their smile to look the best it can. Dr. Hada uses this versatile procedure to:

  • Fill gaps between teeth
  • Contour small or misshapen teeth to look more pleasing
  • Cover stains or discoloration that do not respond to teeth whitening
  • Repair cracks and chips
  • Elongate the appearance of worn teeth

Your candidacy will also depend on the type, location, and extent of any damage to the tooth. After performing a careful evaluation, Dr. Hada may recommend a veneer or a crown instead of bonding in order to achieve a successful restoration.

The Bonding Procedure

Depending on the size of the treatment area, bonding takes between 30 minutes and one hour for each tooth, and no anesthesia is required. Using a shade guide, Dr. Hada will select a color of composite resin that will blend naturally with your smile. Next, he will very lightly etch the surface of the tooth and apply a bonding agent. The putty-like resin material will be applied, and Dr. Hada will carefully sculpt it to achieve the desired result. Once this step is complete, he will use a special dental lamp with a curing light to bond the material to the tooth. Lastly, he will make any fine adjustments necessary before polishing the tooth to a natural-looking sheen.

Pros and Cons

Dental bonding is a very popular procedure due to its many benefits, including:

  • Simple, economical way to conceal imperfections
  • No need to remove any of the tooth’s structure
  • Can correct deep-set stains better than bleaching
  • Immediate, long-lasting improvement
  • May be covered by dental insurance if the damage resulted from trauma
  • Can be combined with other cosmetic enhancements such as teeth whitening and Invisalign® for a customized smile makeover
  • You should also weigh the cons of bonding. Compared to porcelain crowns and veneers, bonding:

  • Is not quite as durable or lifelike
  • Does not resist stains as well
  • Can potentially break off a portion of the tooth

Learn More

Cosmetic dental bonding can be an excellent way to renew your smile and boost your self-confidence. To find out more, or schedule a consultation, please contact our practice today.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening offers a number notable benefits including:

  • Simple, safe way to noticeably brighten your smile
  • Natural teeth will never look fake even with maximum whitening
  • Newer methods reduce tooth sensitivity with thicker gels and desensitizers
  • Lightening teeth can take years off your appearance
  • Fast way to get a dazzling smile

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A beautiful, white smile can boost your confidence and lead to more smiles. To explore your options for teeth whitening, schedule a consultation with Dr. Hada today.